Teaching Tools for the Connected Classroom

About Us

Cingletree Learning, LLC is a privately-held company located in Laguna Niguel, California. The company was founded in 2009 to assume operations from LearnDesign.com, a collaboration between the late Marvin VanHorne and his son Bret. Cingletree Learning continues to operate the successful online educational series English Grammar 101, which Marvin and Bret co-created back in the year 2000. Recently, we have launched a completely rewritten version of the series along with a more feature-rich learning management system.

Our Mission:

Cingletree Learning, LLC is dedicated to publishing state-of-the-art interactive instructional materials. Our product offerings are designed to meet the needs of the connected classroom as well as individual learners worldwide.


Terry VanHorne
Managing Partner, Operations

Bret VanHorne
Managing Partner, Technology